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A Platform Inspiring Your Planet-Friendly Daily Choices

Sustainable daily choices that positively impact the environment.

At Planet-Friendly Choices, we're all about taking small, easy steps towards eco-friendly living. We constantly scout out the best green products for everyday life, share ideas on how to use less and waste less, and aim to make daily life a bit greener and a whole lot better. Dive into our site and start making choices that are good for you and the planet!

Planet-Friendly Household, Cleaning & Laundry

Our home is a reflection of us and a foundation for an eco-friendly lifestyle. It's natural to surround ourselves with environmentally friendly, durable goods that are not only comfortable to use but also bring joy into our lives.

A quick reminder:

Sometimes, the most eco-friendly choice is not to buy at all. Cherish experiences over items. If there's no need to purchase, embrace it. Step away from the screen and savor the joy of a sustainable life.

Planet-Friendly Personal Care

Want to change the world? Start with yourself and switch to eco-friendly personal care essentials designed to minimize environmental impact.

More to come.
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Did You Know That Eco-Friendly Habits Boost Happiness?

Many people think that being environmentally friendly is costly and decreases well-being, associating it with deprivation and inconvenience, which they believe leads to unhappiness. However, it appears to be the exact opposite: eco-friendly behavior actually boosts happiness and well-being.

Eco-friendly habits

✅ Boost life satisfaction,

✅ Offer meaning,

✅ Improve self-image,

✅ Positively impact mental health.

Eco-friendly habbits make you happy


of eco-conscious people are satisfied with their life vs only 54.8% of not eco-conscious people

tree hugging.jpg

How to Be More Eco-Friendly?

The rule of thumb is: 'In order to be more sustainable, one needs to consciously question their choices.' That's it. That’s the recipe.


Just every time you are about to make a choice, ask:

❓ Do I really need it?

❓ Are there more sustainable alternatives?

❓ Does it come in plastic packaging?

❓ How am I going to dispose of what’s left of it?

❓ Can I rent it instead of buying it?

❓ Can I fix the old thing instead of buying a new one?

❓ ...

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