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Clean the Home without Trashing the Planet. Just This Simple

Updated: Jan 18

I can’t imagine how many plastic bottles from spray cleaners I've thrown away over the years, and all of them are likely still lying in landfills, decomposing into microplastics and contaminating the planet. What a shame!

The good news is that I can stop doing this by using a reusable spray bottle and refilling it with tablets or concentrates.

Multipurpose Spray Cleaners Can Be Eco-Friendly

There are various zero-waste, eco-friendly spray cleaner options on the market; you just need to choose the one that's best for your house.

Eco-Friendly Multipurpose Spray Cleaners

Cleaner refill concentrates usually come in small plastic bottles, whereas tablets often have more sustainable packaging, making them more planet-friendly.

Reusable Glass Bottles for Spray Cleaners

There’s definitely no need to purchase the entire starter kit with the bottle if you already have one. Alternatively, you can just purchase refill tablets or cleaner concentrate and a bottle separately. There are plenty of glass bottle options available.

Isn't it cool to have several glass bottles with vintage labels and mysterious liquids in them? It brings a taste of alchemy, or at least a bit of nostalgia about a school chemistry class.

Alternatively, if you still have a plastic bottle from an old cleaner, simply reuse it as long as it remains functional. Often, the best planet-friendly choice is to avoid making any new purchases at all.


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