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Behind the Scenes: Who We Are, Our Story and Vision.

I’m Olga Shavrina, the person behind Planet-Friendly Choices, and I’m humbled to call it a purpose-driven and women-led platform.

It all started long ago and far away. As a kid, I spent my summers in the middle of nowhere – in the countryside at my grandparents’ house, surrounded by natural and eco-friendly… well, everything. My grandma grew veggies and fruits, composted food leftovers, and bought milk in bottles, butter in paper, and bread just as it was, without any packaging. There was zero plastic around, and even the clothes were made of cotton and wool.

Looking at the piles of plastic surrounding us now, the chemicals in our food, household goods, and clothes, and the amount of waste we produce, I can't help but feel how fake, destructive, and unsustainable it all is. So, I decided that I want to make my own life more planet-friendly and help bring sustainability to the world beyond my home.

The first step was to make changes in my own life: reduce waste, decrease the amount of plastic, replace hazardous products with eco-friendly ones, and switch to organic food and clean energy as much as possible.

The second step is to help other people do the same by sharing my experiences and encouraging others to take even teeny-tiny eco-friendly steps. This is what Planet-Friendly Choices is all about. It was created to share sustainable ideas with as many people as possible and to show how easy and rewarding going eco-friendly can be.

If you share this vision, I’ll be happy to chat with you about possible partnerships and collaborations. Send me a message here or connect with me on Linkedin.

Olga Shavrina. The person behind Planet-Friendly Choices.
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