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Trash Bag Holder: a Brilliant Solution for Sorting Waste

Updated: Jan 29

I’m thrilled to share this finding: I’ve finally arranged my trash in a convenient way, and now it’s very easy to separate it.

Trash Bag Holder: a Zero-Space Solution for Sorting Waste

My Requirements:

  • Limited space: small kitchen, minimal space under two sinks.

  • Hidden trash: no visible containers due to space constraints and preference.

  • Five trash types: plastic, glass, paper, organic, and generic.

  • Easy disposal: frequent waste containers (plastic, organic, generic) need effortless access; glass and paper, less so.

  • Sustainability: avoid additional plastic; use existing garbage cans for organic and generic waste.

  • Budget-friendly: no expensive solutions like under-cabinet bins or high-tech trash systems.

After exploring various options, I found the ideal solution - a trash bag holder on the inside of the cabinet door for plastic waste. It's incredibly convenient and ensures that recyclable plastics are easily separated from general waste.

Pictures on Amazon and other websites usually suggest putting a bag holder on the outside of the door to use for organic waste, but in my view, it's pretty disgusting :) So, I prefer keeping it on the inside and putting clean plastic waste in it. It works brilliantly!

Meet My Hero – a Trash Bag Holder

Trash Bag Holder: a Zero-Space Solution for Sorting Waste

✅ Cheap.

✅ Super handy!

✅ Non-plastic.

✅ Surprisingly strong! I've been using it for a year already, and it's still in place.

✅ Versatile: suitable for any type of garbage or other bags. I have two in a package; I use one for plastic trash and the other for a bag with bags. :)

Alternatives That Can Work for Your Setting:

Going Green: Switching to Compostable Garbage Bags

I found that bags with simple handle-tie work just as well as bags with drawstring handles. You simply knot the handles, and that’s it. I use these bags for all sorts of trash now – organic, general, and even cat 💩 By the way, read more about great biodegradable bags for dog and cat poop.

Here's a selection of compostable garbage bags with handle-ties, packaged sustainably, available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1.6 to 13 gallons (6 to 49 liters):

The fourth option – Holy Scrap! – definitely deserves a round of applause for its creative naming!


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