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The Bamboo Toilet Paper You’ll Be Proud to Use

Updated: May 19

Oh man, I was looking forward to writing this post! Let’s be honest with each other: toilet paper is an essential part of our lives. It’s a single item that can either elevate our quality of life and make it more comfortable, or it can ruin it completely and make us feel miserable.

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Isn’t it remarkable that during our intimate daily moments, we can enjoy not only how soft and durable the toilet paper is, but also feel better about ourselves because we are contributing to a healthier planet, saving trees, and decreasing the amount of plastic used?

The first time I used bamboo toilet paper, I thought, 'Oh, sh*t! Where has this been all my life?' No more regular paper ever since!


🐼 What is great about bamboo? It’s not a tree; it's a grass. Read about it yourself if you don’t believe me. It grows incredibly fast, is edible (mainly by pandas, but humans too), absorbs more CO2 than trees, is easy to process, makes great building material, and is used to produce fabric, utensils, and paper, which is most relevant for our current context.


So let’s dive into...

The Best Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toilet Paper Offers in Sustainable Packaging:

My #1 choice is Cheeky Panda. Others are great too, but this one was my first bamboo toilet paper, so I have an emotional attachment to it. Plus, it has a cute panda bear on the package :) I was surprised by the quality of the product; it doesn’t compromise comfort at all! On the contrary, the paper feels very soft, durable, and is well-packed (the pack is tight and heavy). To be honest, I love it!

Let’s Compare the Prices:


Rolls #

Sheets #


Price per sheet

Price per roll































*Please note that the price was taken from Amazon at the time of writing this post and may have changed since then.

As of now, ecoHiny and Eco Soul are the cheapest options per sheet. Better Way and Cloud Paper have huge packs, though (they were not available at the moment of writing this post, so I haven’t included them in the comparison).

Enjoy! :)


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