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Can Floss Picks be Planet-Friendly in the First Place?

I'll be honest with you guys, I consider floss picks evil even if they are made of sustainable materials. Biodegradable ones are definitely better than plastic ones since they decompose faster, but:

  1. Whether biodegradable or not, they’re still single-use items, and a person uses several of them daily. So, calculate how many floss picks are produced and then thrown away daily. Not all get composted; the majority end up in landfills.

  2. Imagine the damage they can cause to an animal who steps on them in the wild or swallows one by mistake.

Given these arguments, I've chosen ordinary floss in sustainable packaging.

Can Floss Picks be Planet-Friendly in the First Place?

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But for those of you who 'can’t open your mouth 180 degrees and put your fist inside' (© my husband), here are some less harmful floss-pick options:

And now let’s discuss more eco-friendly options: dental flosses. They can be made of materials like silk, bamboo or plant-based nylon.

Eco-Friendly Dental Floss

Bamboo flosses:

Silk flosses:

All these products have refills that can be purchased separately. My favorite option is Boonboo floss, primarily because of the cute panda on the logo :) and it's also fun to use black floss instead of the traditional white one.

In comparison with silk, bamboo products have an ecological advantage as they are purely plant-based and do not involve any animals in the production cycle. However, silk is a byproduct of silkworms' activity, so silk dental floss cannot be considered purely vegan.


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