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Eco-Friendly Makeup Removal: Bigger and Softer than Wipes and Pads

I never thought there was room for improvement in my makeup removal routine. I just mindlessly used the usual wipes and pads. But when a friend bragged about switching to a makeup removal cloth for a 'greener' lifestyle, I thought, 'Ha! How did this escape my attention?'

Eco-Friendly Makeup Removal: Beyond Single-Use Wipes and Pads

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It makes total sense. Think about all the disposable pads and wipes we throw away over time – it creates a huge pile of trash. Even cotton pads, which can be composted, are not the best for the environment. Growing cotton takes up land that could be used in better ways, like for growing food or returning to wilderness.

I’m currently exploring alternative ways to remove makeup that don't involve throwing so much away. Let's see what reusable eco-friendly pads and towels can offer.

Reusable Makeup Removal Pads:

My personal preference so far is the first option - Eira's Pads for two reasons: they are dark, so a black mascara has no chance to leave a stain; and I love the bamboo holder, which is pretty and won't be damaged by water in the long run.

There's a downside to these reusable pads, though – they absorb too much cleanser compared to single-use cotton pads because they are bigger and thicker. I had another issue with makeup cleanser; I used natural oil, which often got into my eyes, so I wanted to fix this once and for all. A solution to both of these issues is reusable makeup removing cloths or towels, which I've recently started to use and will tell you about in a minute.

Reusable Makeup Removal Cloths

Here are the best reusable removal cloths I've found:

Erase Your Face – I love the name! Also, four cloths in a package make it a good option. I would choose it if it came in dark color, but I'm worried that it would get stains after the first use.

Sinland cloths comes in an astonishing number of sizes, colors, and quantities per package. Seems like a reasonable option.

MakeUp Eraser offers a huge variety of colors, but it's the most expensive variant with only one cloth in a package. My friend recommended it to me, though, so I had no choice but to order it. After two weeks of usage, I can say that it does work; it cleans even waterproof makeup, including black mascara, with just water and without a cleanser. It's very soft and hence pleasant to use. My only minor issue with this cloth is that it has two sides: a short fiber one for makeup erasing and a long fiber one for exfoliation. But I can't always tell which is which :)


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