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Think Like a Mermaid: Choose Solid Shampoo Bars

Imagine you are a mermaid. No, really, I mean it. Imagine you are swimming in crystal clear water over colorful corals, playing with sparkling fish. Would you choose a toxic shampoo in a plastic bottle that would pollute the ocean for your majestic hair? I bet you wouldn't.

We don't need to be mermaids to make ocean- and land-friendly choices, especially for a product that is used almost every day and hence potentially generates tons of waste. There's a better way.

Top 5 Solid Shampoo Bars for Sustainable Hair Care

Shampoo was one of the first things I replaced with an eco-friendly option, right after I sorted out the mess with trash sorting and switched to biodegradable trash bags. So, my choice is an eco-friendly solid shampoo bar in sustainable packaging instead of toxic liquid in a plastic bottle.

Here Are the Best Five Solid Shampoo Bars I’ve Found:

Gentlemen with beards would appreciate the last product – Professor Fuzzworthy's Beard & Hair Hemp Shampoo Bar.

Maximizing Convenience with Shampoo Bars: Tips and Tools

Not every shower or bath has the perfect spot for a shampoo bar, which can be slippery and can't stand being wet. A practical solution to make your shampoo bar more convenient is to turn it into a liquid. Just chop it into small pieces and dissolve them in hot water, using a ratio of about 1:1. Pour the resulting mixture into your favorite shampoo bottle, and voilà – enjoy the ease of liquid shampoo with the benefits of a bar. 

If you're not up for this DIY approach, consider one of these lovely soap holders as an alternative. 

Shampoo Bar Holders:

I find the second option – the Wood Magnetic Soap Holder – absolutely brilliant! It's compact, has an eco-friendly look, requires zero space, and overall, feels magical.

And by the way, a lazy hack - just use a kitchen cleaning sponge as a shampoo / soap holder. It works perfectly and looks (and is!) eco-friendly.


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