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Kitchen Cleaning Sponges that You Can Almost Love

When somebody says 'kitchen sponge,' I still immediately picture a yellow polyurethane foam sponge with a dark green scouring pad. It was an irreplaceable element in my kitchen for so long. Too long! We often get used to these everyday products and don't realize that by sticking to them, we harm the environment because both their production and utilization are planet-UNfriendly.

An additional problem with kitchen sponges is their short 'career' - two to three weeks and then off to the landfill where they slowly and painfully decompose, releasing harmful substances. Brr...

It's no surprise that eco-friendly alternatives are gaining popularity. Options like biodegradable cellulose kitchen sponges made from wood fibers, reusable cloth sponges, and scour pads made from natural materials like coconut or hemp are popping up in stores. And they are not just nature-friendlier. They also look and feel more pleasant and natural.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Cleaning Sponges

Important note! Some sponges are labeled as eco-friendly and claim to be made from recyclable materials (often still plastic), but this doesn’t mean they are biodegradable and compostable. While they're better than traditional toxic sponges, they may still end up in landfills and pollute the environment for centuries.

For example:

Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Scrub Sponges ❌ Not compostable!

❌ Plastic packaging!

Here’s a collection of compostable sponges in eco-friendly packaging:

Choose according to shape, color, and price :) I prefer the rectangular one with natural colors. It's more efficient to produce, making it more eco-friendly. Additionally, it looks natural and enhances the overall sustainable look and feel of the kitchen. Lately I've been using Greenzla sponges. They are nice, not expensive and do their job.

The Scrub-it sponges – green ones on the right – are the cheapest option, priced at only $0.87 per unit.

Alternative Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sponges

If you want your kitchen look even more cozy, consider these natural-looking sponges. They are biodegradable and perform their job just fine. On average they are more expensive, but JOYMOOP and eplanita offer quite affordable options - less then $2 per unit.


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